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Support & Empower Refugees

The Preparatory Workshop on Global Refugee

FRC attended the preparatory workshop on Global Refugee Forum jointly organized by the Danish Refugee Council and UNHCR. The workshop is focusing on the contributions of the refugees aid organizations, civil society and representatives of diaspora based in Europe to the upcoming Global Refugee Forum to be held in Geneva on 17-18 December 2019.

Mr. Najib Obaid BABAKERKHAIL, the Founder and Director of FRC in his presentation spoke about the importance of refugee inclusion and empowerment in the host societies and the validation of previously acquired work-experience and qualification through the direct involvement of the private sector.

One year after the historic affirmation of the Global Compact on Refugees, the upcoming Global Refugee Forum would be a critical opportunity to build momentum towards achieving the objectives of this new commitment and strengthen a collective response to refugee situations all across Europe.

One of the FRC project « Validation of work experience and academic qualifications of the refugees already acquired » got the highest vote and support by other refugee-aid organisation, Diaspora groups and other refugee-led organizations. Many refugees come to Europe with formal and academic qualification and work-experience and validation of their work-experience and qualification can facilitated their job market integration.