Support & Empower Refugees


On 18th of August 2017, ENSAKOMMANDES FORBUND (Association of unaccompanied minors) in Malmo Sweden organized an International Exchange Conference on Integration, inviting speakers from around Europe involved with refugee communities.

Mr. Najib Obaid BABAKERKHAIL, Director French Refugee Council, speaking in the event added that “The sad reality is that migration is often seen as a threat, not as an opportunity. Fears over migration are fuelling populism and mistrust and undermining the capacity of governments to manage flows. Not only that, there is a similarly exaggerated perception of how much migrants cost and how much they access social benefits. Half of Europeans think that refugees are going to take their jobs and social benefits. Thus, we need to move the debate from managing threats and costs to seizing opportunities, from one of fears to one of hope.

He further added that” Today’s conference is an excellent occasion for us to focus on one of the most complex challenges and opportunities of our era: The integration of newly arrived migrants and refugees. The way this growing phenomenon is chosen to be handle will impact all of us. Thus, effective integration policies can transform people’s lives for the better. They can enrich countries economically, socially, culturally and generating unprecedented opportunities for development.