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Support & Empower Refugees

Intégration des réfugiés sur le marché du travail

Labour Market Integration of Refugees 

Finding work is the key for the integration of refugees into the host country and getting refugees promptly into work is a top priority of French Refugee Council. FRC is working towards providing early access to language training, an evaluation of refugees’ qualification and skills by providing career guidance and training programs for preparing refugees to enter a vocation training programs, occupation and help refugees find an apprenticeship or gaining employment opportunities. FRC connects refugees with employment service providers and provide them with the right information on job opportunities in France and making available all employment related information such as language trainings, resume writing, etc. FRC has helped dozens of refugees in obtaining internship opportunities that often converts into employment opportunity.

Trouver un emploi est la clé de l'intégration des réfugiés dans le pays d'accueil. Faciliter l’accès au travail est une priorité absolue du French Refugee Council. FRC s'efforce d’organiser des cours de langue, des bilans des expériences et des compétences professionnelles et s’efforce de fournir une information et orientation vers les dispositifs de formation. French Refugee Council organise, par ailleurs, des ateliers d’accès aux techniques de recherche d’emploi et de préparation aux entretiens d’embauche.FRC oriente les réfugiés vers les secteurs porteurs et leur apporte une information sur le marché du travail en France. FRC a aidé des dizaines de réfugiés à obtenir des stages qui ont, pour certains, constitué un tremplin vers l'emploi.

Many refugees have already obtained professional or vocational qualification in their homeland and French Refugee Council is working on validating their acquired qualification and work experience to start a new career. FRC is helping refugees in preparing their files and guide them in their administrative procedure in order to obtain the validation of their previously obtained work experience or qualification in their country of origin.

French Refugee Council throughs its regular workshops and trainings aims to give adult refugees and immigrants better possibilities to becoming a productive part of the host society. These workshop focuses on an overview of French job market and workplace culture, employment opportunities, language training and one-on one support to identify career goal and job strategy in France. French Refugee Council has signed MoU with several big structures throughout the country with the promise to recruit refugees who are presented by FRC after completing their training program.