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Support & Empower Refugees

Integration workshops for the new-arrivals  

Integration remain the main problem for refugees and Immigrants population in a number of European countries, particularly in France and these problems include social and economic marginalization, problems with language acquisition, as well as health issues. French Refugee Council holds integration workshop for refugees and immigrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, Somalia, Sudan at various locations. These workshops give adult refugees and immigrants better possibilities to becoming a productive part of the the host society.

The main objective of conducting these workshop is to promote refugees’ integration into their new communities and increase their mobility through coaching on how to independently navigate community system and resource. Our participants use the knowledge gain to empower them and regain control over their lives as they fulfil their dream or goals. These workshop focuses on an overview of French job market and workplace culture, employment opportunities, language training and one-on one support to identify career goal and job strategy in France.

L’intégration reste le principal problème pour les réfugiées et les migrants, dans nombre de pays européens, notamment en France. Les difficultés sont d’ordre social, économique ou linguistique. French Refugee Council organise, à différents endroits, des ateliers pour les migrants et les réfugiés venant de divers pays, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Inde, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Somalie, Soudan.

Ces ateliers ont pour but d’informer et donner aux publics migrants ou réfugiés les moyens d’insertion dans leur pays d’accueil. Ils contiennent un volet culturel, juridique et professionnel. Cela permet aux bénéficiaires de glaner des informations qui leur permettront de concrétiser leurs projets.